Your December Stock-take: Time for a Review

Your December Stock-take: Time for a Review

Your December Stock-take! Once a year it is a great thing to undertake a personal stock-take. This can give you the foundation for facing the New Year with confidence. The purpose of this review is to gain insight into some key dimensions of your work and life and to give you more clarity in career development.

Your career priorities change as your life and learning progresses. Regular review is integral to your continuing professional development.

Here are some questions to ask. You could try to get feedback from those around you as well as your self-evaluations.

What motivates you?

Understanding what is most important to you helps you make career choices founded on what motivates and satisfies you. You are then much more likely to achieve career fulfilment.

  1. What are your career priorities?
  2. Does your current job match your career priorities?
  3. What if anything is lacking?
  4. What could you do to bridge the gaps?
  5. What do you consider are your most significant achievements so far and what did you learn from achieving them?
  6. What didn’t go so well and what did you learn from that.


The following questions help you identify your levels of accomplishment and work preferences. They could provide insight into how you might develop areas that are weak. They also help you make career choices that capitalise on your areas of strength and enjoyment, whilst reducing involvement in weaker or less enjoyable areas.

  1. What are the main tasks of your current work?
    • Tasks you perform well are…
    • Tasks you perform less well are…
    • Tasks you enjoy are…
    • Tasks you do not enjoy are…
  2. What are your key areas of expertise?
  3. Which of these areas do you need to develop further to enhance your effectiveness and career prospects? How could you do this?

Your skills

Compile a list of skills you use in that each of your work areas.

  1. What are your strongest skills?
  2. What are your weakest skills?
  3. What are the skills you need to work on to ensure you can do your current work effectively?

Work/life balance

To lead a happy and healthy life we all need to balance life at work with life outside work!

  1. Are you content with the balance between your work and life outside work?
  2. Are you content with the time you have for leisure, sport, relaxation?
  3. Do you have sufficient time for friends and family?
  4. What could you do to gain a better work/life balance? Could you ask for flexible working arrangements, for example?
  5. Is there work you need to do on your personal relationships? How will you do this?

Your network

Review your friend and contact list. This is your key development resource, whether looking for support, for a new job or looking for ways to develop within your current role. Advice, insight and information and support are all available from the people around you.

What can you do to develop your network?

Personal constraints overall

Sometime the barriers to our success come from within ourselves.

  1. Are there any internal constraints or de-motivators within you; pressures, negative thinking, health and fitness, or time issues holding you back from reaching your full potential?
  2. How could you overcome these?
  3. Should you seek help – for example from a coach?
  4. Who can you rely on to support your career development?

Career goals

Most successful people have set out with a goal. Often that goal changes along the way but it has still been a stimulus to action.

  1. What are your short-term career aspirations?
  2. What are the skills you need to develop to ensure you reach your short-term goal?
  3. What are your longer-term career aspirations?
  4. What are the skills you need to develop to ensure you reach your ultimate career goal?
  5. Where next?

If you are clear about your aims you are ready to begin planning how will you get there.

If you are unsure about your future career direction, then you may need help. Remember I offer a trial free half hour coaching session by phone or Skype.

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