How to get more women on Boards starting with the Public Sector

Women on boards

How to get more women on Boards starting with the Public Sector

Women on Boards – on the Guardian Public Leaders Network is a post from Fiona Hathorn who is managing director of Women on Boards UK – you can find them at this link

It sets out some straightforward strategies that chairs of UK public bodies can adopt to achieve a better gender balance on their boards and committees.  And most of these recommendations could be applied very well in the private sector.

They include:

• Ensuring the board is proactive in seeking out senior women and reviews its selection criteria regularly

• Ensuring all appointments are advertised (including online) and actively using social media to ensure a wide cross-section of applicants can access vacancies

• Ensuring there is a mixed gender selection panel, including one independent selector

• When using an external recruiter,  specifying a minimum of 50% appropriately qualified men and women on the shortlist

• Becoming champions of gender and other diversity on all boards and committees and ensuring good diversity policies filter down through organisations

• Working to retain high quality women and passing on the details of sound, but unsuccessful candidates to the Cabinet Office’s centre for public appointments database.

You can read the rest of the post at this link

Tips for public bodies to achieve equality

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