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If you had any doubts about the value and potential of  using social media, check out 30 Interesting, Useless and Pointless Facts on Jeff Bulla’s blog at the following link!  Don’t be put off by the title!

You begin to understand why you can’t afford not to know to about Social Media whether you are in the public, private or community sectors!

Here is just one example and three facts!

Generation Y awareness of the Ford Fiesta before Ford started their social media program was 0%. It was 37% as of a month ago and stands at 58% at 3 December 2009.

25% of Ford’s marketing spend is on digital/social media!

Ford is the only US Auto company not to take a government grand!

Now you begin to see the possibilities now that using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook may bring?  We have some tips for developing a Social Media Strategy at this link

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  1. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for including Ford in your examples. One correction, though: the awareness of the Fiesta before we started the program was 0%. It was 37% as of a month ago, and now stands at 58%.

    Scott Monty
    Global Digital Communications
    Ford Motor Company

    1. Wendy Mason says:

      Thanks Scott
      I shall correct the post – the statistics are incredibly impressive
      Wisewolf Consulting

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