Why Get a Master's Degree in Accounting?

Why Get a Master’s Degree in Accounting?

If you are considering graduate school, you may have some doubts about how it may benefit you. There is the risk of being forced deeper into student loan debt and ending up overqualified for certain fields. However, there are many careers in which Master’s degrees are the expectation and a necessity, and often pay very well.

If you are interested in teaching, a Master’s degree will offer you the opportunity to teach college students. Currently, it will only provide entrance into careers at community colleges; most universities require professors to have PhD degrees; however, as an instructor at a two-year college, you can expect to make $45,000 or more, which will increase over time. You can even continue school for your PhD if you would like to earn more.

A big question is  Who Hires People with a Master of Accounting? One of the best Master’s degrees in health care is in physical therapy. Right away, a certified physical therapist with a Master’s degree can plan on a salary of at least $50,000; however, most physical therapists make about $70,000 or more. This is also a very rewarding career, providing those who are interested in health with the chance to rehabilitate many people in hospitals, private practices, and outpatient centers.

Statisticians are a group of mathematical experts who have Master’s degrees in math or statistics. It is their job to interpret results of surveys or experiments, as well as many other important things. They are included in this list because they may begin their careers making $64,000. Average salaries for these experts are often well over $71,000. They are usually hired by government agencies, but may find many positions within private businesses and industries.

Those with an interest in politics should get their Master’s degrees in political science. Political scientists do well after graduate school, entering fascinating careers in government research and earning over $80,000. Their jobs are to perform research on the structure of different governments, public policy, and more. This is a highly valued position that can be offered pay over $100,000.

One good career to enter is in library science. With a Master’s in library science, you can become a librarian. Librarians are experts at research, and work in libraries helping people find what they are looking for in books or on the web. This job is becoming more advanced, with librarians now often referred to as “information professionals.” Many do not realize that this is actually a very well-paid career. Librarians may get paid over $40,000 in the beginning; this pay can go up to and over $60,000.

You can enter a lucrative career as a school or vocational counselor making over $44,000 a year, a high salary that can go well above $70,000. These careers are very rewarding, as they involve counseling students who are experiencing a variety of troubles. You may work at secondary or post-secondary schools, in your own office. This career is growing faster than most right now, so it is a good one to enter.

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