Who goes first?  Below is a quote from a comment which appeared on the item below on another website from an employer who had just had to lay people off.  I suspect the approach taken would be illegal in the UK but it does show how some people think.

This is the order in which he/she would let people go!  We want to know what you think!

“1. Those who cost the company more than they produce. It doesn’t matter how smart and educated you are, if you are expensive and you and your department don’t bring a lot of money into your company, you may be let go. Go into sales or another highly productive department.

2. The selfish. The whiners. The unlikable. Those with bad attitudes about what they will or will not do to help the company.

3. Consultants. They make big money and have no loyalty, nor do they carry any specific responsibility.

4. Sales people on a high base salary who are not hitting their sales goals.

Who will keep their jobs to the bitter end?

1. Loyal, positive people who are cross trained in every area of the company. People who can “do it all.”

2. My Accounting manager, Customer Service manager, the Accounts Receivable/Bookkeeper, and a really smart webmaster. Why? Because my accounting people can also run the warehouse shipping system, and can pack and ship if need be. My customer service manager can handle every part of the ordering system.

3. Commissioned sales people, or sales people on a very low base salary.

Who will be the next people to go?
People who produce new product ideas. If our economy goes down the tubes, no one will buy the product without massive marketing dollars. So it may be best to market what we already have. No point in investing very much toward an uncertain future. Put out a minimum of new product, but cut the rest.”

Is this how others think?  What do emplyees think of the priorities.  Views please.

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