Wendy's Wisewolf Tips – are you feeling down about your present job?

On your next three working days, each day,  write down three positive things about you present role. Write down what it is, why it is and who else contributes to the positive feeling. On Day Four, review you notes! Do you still agree – make any additions or amendments.  On Day Five decide on you options and the advantage and disadvantage of each


1. Staying put and making no changes

2. Staying put and making changes – what changes would they be?

3. Moving on – now, in the immediate future or in the more distant future – think realistically about the present work climate!


Having decided take action

  1. If you are staying put and making no changes – remind yourself every day of your positives
  2. If you are making changes - make a plan and use your thoughts on the positive in discussion with your boss etc
  3. If you are moving on make your plan for finding a new role but use your positive thoughts to help you make the most of your remaining time where you are now and get a super reference!

Bet by the end of Day Five you feel a whole lot better!

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