Wendy's Rant – Why I'm not sending out anymore newsletters.

Wendy’s Rant – Why I’m Not Sending Out Anymore Newsletters.

I have a very long List and I am on lots of other people’s’ Lists.

Those of you into marketing and selling will know what that means. It means I have a very long list of email addresses of people who have either signed up to receive things from me or in some other way acquiesced in my sending things to them.

It means, as well, that I have let lots of other people add my email address to their List and send me things.

So, at this point, my email inbox is simply unreadable.  It is full every day with very long “newsletters” and impersonal marketing emails from people who want to sell me things. And, usually, they are things like coaching and training services because that is now my “niche”.

On the whole, they are from very nice and well-meaning people who want to sell me services that they consider useful.

And a good number of them work hard to make those emails interesting and informative   But they are still about trying to get me to sign up for something. And most of them have very little regard as to whether I might need it.  They are usually providers of the same services as me.

And guess what!  I do exactly same thing when I send out a newsletter.  I work very hard to include at least one really useful article that has not appeared on any of my blogs – I try to give something.  But, at the end of the day, the reason I send them, is to get people to sign up for things. And then off they go to the 1.000 plus email addresses and I feel I’ve achieved something.

Now, most of those of us who are not in the public sector and who provide goods and services have to find a way to sell them and that means marketing. Marketing is a good thing to do! So please don’t misunderstand what I am about to write.

I have come to the conclusion that “Newsletters” are not a great way to market things. I do think they can be a great way to mildly embarrass your self and to lose friends. Here, I’m not talking about the kind of newsletters that are sent out by real clubs and societies.  And I am not talking about real subscription services that exist for the real benefit of members.

I’m talking about the newsletters that are produced by people who provide goods and services and simply want you to buy them.  I have come to believe that receiving these kind of emails is like receiving flyers through your non-digital letter/mail box. Now, brightly colored paper through my letter box is great if I’m looking for a pizza delivery service but I don’t believe it is the best way to find out about professional services like coaching. It is junk mail.

So I’m giving up publishing newsletters and, one by one, I’m unsubscribing from them.

I apologize to all those friends whose in trays have been troubled with mine in the past. In future, if I want to write to you, apart from the odd Christmas card, it will be a proper email.

I apologize, as well, to chums who truly believe this kind of marketing actually works to their overall good.  I’m just not convinced

And I know there are many people out there who will not agree with me.  So I’d love to hear your views.

Wendy Mason is a career coach.  She helps people reach their goals and aspirations, without sacrificing their home and personal life.  Before working as a coach, Wendy had a long career in both the public and private sectors in general management and consultancy as well as spells in HR.  She now divides her time between coaching and writing. You can contact Wendy at and find out more at



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  1. Ann Lewis says:

    Thank you for this Wendy. This is thought-provoking and I might end up agreeing with you.

    I don’t send out many newsletters, and like yours, they have at least one useful article, a book review and ‘news’ about my latest ventures. And I always feel they’re a chore that I do uneasily. Which should tell me something.

    And yet there are some I really like. And I stay with them mainly because they are far more about useful content than sales.

    I guess the thing is never to be formulaic. And I’m going to ask my list what they’d like from me.


    1. Thanks Ann. I am one of your very happy readers. There are always valuable exceptions. But, yes, I have that uncomfortable feeling too when I prepare a newsletter. And on this, I’m going to go with my heart. I feel quite different when I publish something on my blogs.

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