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10 Social Media Marketing Sites You May Not Know About

by israelrothman

1. RoboForm is still on the list: with literally hundredsof profiles, all with usernames and passwords, I honestly do not know what I would do without Roboform to keep track of them: i can even create an identity for a client and automatically fill in the details into any number of web forms for them: I use the paid version but there is also a free version for the beginner.

2. Tubemogul.com Very cool, you upload your videos to one place, and they are automatically syndicated to up to 20 others in optimized format, including Youtube and Google video!  You can track statistics about your videos and do all kinds of cool things, a must have for video bloggers.

3. Veoh.com Like TubeMogul, Veoh allows you to fill in a couple of usernames and passwords for Youtube and Google (but not as many),  but Veoh has a very robust and attractive video player which displays the video nicely on your website, and allow for channels that make it very easy to show a streaming medleyof videos that you group together.  We have had some issues with  loading slowly at times ( with  their explosive growth is size), but they are worth looking at for aesthetics, and we still use them some.  In some cases you want the videos to be hosted and played on your website streaming right from Youtube  for the sake of the rankings boost you get from the click-through traffic.

4. Realtown: Realtown is owned and fed by the owners of Real Estate Magazine (RISMedia.com), Epro, Lowes, InternetCrusade and many other established icons in the Real Estate industry.  they have just re-done their site (went live in October) with new modern social networking features, and they are about to become the forums and local news areas for RISMedia.com with their new site launch.  Any group at Realtown will rank immediately for longtail searches, just as those areas of RISMedia.com do now: I know this because I was consulted on how to insure that, and I tested it last week in my first post: it took less than an hour!  They have established a way of dividing up neighborhoods by population instead of Zip codes, and they are about to go live in the communities area.  I encourage the reader to join, join a group, heck start one, get into the Realtown store while there is room!  What they are attempting to do (the grass roots localization of the web) has been attempted before, but I believe they have the resources and the software to pull it off, and they will have the reach any minute!.

5.    Plaxo: Plaxo is kind of an online  open-social contact management hub, which recently added profiles and many modern features to its already accessible from anywhere excellent Internet based contact management application – you can import your contacts from Outlook, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo and others – then sync them with the same and your cell phone, so that you can always stay in touch with many interactive features and restore everything at will – wonderful -plugs right into my Outlook.

6.  Meetup: Social networking with the whole world at will, with actual local meet up events and clubs in person, great, I have contacted and secured businesss here and it is free.  Why re-invent the wheel, start your local leads or affinity group here: it can feed your website, and you will rank  instantly on google for the name of your profile!

7.  Activerain – social networking profiles and blog for Realtors and vendors
Most people do not notice that you do not need to be a Realtor to join, you can be a vendor like me, and the profiles and blogs are not bad for Search Engine Placement link-building campaigns.

8. Alexa – Traffic and Website Statistics and Archived Information and Reviews
An Amazon.com company, we use it to get quick information about any website according to everyone who has the Alexa toolbar – which collects a wealth of information and statistics. They also archive old websites, and provide links to reviews on amazon.com.

9. Associated Content – Associated Content is a buyer and seller, syndicator of user-generated, user-filtered content
One of the most successful and well traveled sites on the web, this site is a must for branding and link building: your clout and pagerank build as an author – you can even get paid for content, although that is not what I use it for.

10. Delicious – social bookmarking, link-sharing
You install a toolbar that allows you to keep a set of favorites online where you can access them from any computer, and share them with the world, if you like, as an online resource. Excellent for traffic building and link-popularity, I recommend that you add and use the toolbar.

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Would you go for Redundancy or Redeployment?

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In a bid to help employers cope with the current economic crisis, ACAS and the CIPD have recently published a guidance note ‘How to manage your workforce in a recession’.

The document gives a lot of advice, including the need to think about the future. Although we don’t know when the markets will recover, we do know that they will eventually. Where does that leave employers that have made mass redundancies? Making people redundant and recruiting again later when the market picks up is expensive. And if you have to recruit, you also have to train, which will take up valuable time that you can ill-afford to lose.

We talked the other day about adopting a shorter working week as an alternative to redundancies. Another alternative is to take this time to retrain existing employees. If their skills are no longer in demand, provide training and redeploy them to other parts of the organisation where their skills will be in demand. This approach makes a lot of sense because when the market picks up again, you’ll have a ready trained workforce all set to go.

Surviving the recession and still coming out smiling at the end will require a lot of forward thinking. Companies that have had the foresight to prepare for the future are likely to have a head start when the crisis is over.

What advantages, or disadvantages, can you foresee for companies adopting this approach? Would you consider training for a different role within your current company if it meant you remained in employment?

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Working With Recruitment Agencies

Working With Recruitment Agencies

Advice from Wendy Smith; Career Coach and author of The WiseWolf Job Search Pocket Book – order on Amazon

Working with recruitment agencies – these days most job searchers sign up with several recruitment agencies. There are all kinds of agencies. They range from large companies that work nationally, and some internationally, across many sectors to small niche agencies that specialize in particular sectors or particular geographical areas. It is a good idea to make contact with a number – you can find lots of them on-line. 

A good recruitment agency will keep you up to-date with what is going on in the job market and help you prepare for any opportunity they offer you. Many agencies will have a mix of permanent and interim/contract roles. Register with the agencies with whom you feel comfortable. Make sure they are keeping you up to date with their vacancies. 

Working with recruitment agencies – don’t be naive

Most recruitment agencies do a good job for employers and job seekers. But don’t be naive and forget that the employer is the real client. Nevertheless it is in the agency’s interest to help you succeed and you should expect courtesy. With the best you will get real support. However many recruit young graduates who are bright but probably know less than you do about the recruitment and very little about the employers’ real needs.

Be aware that because so many people are looking for work, people without real expertise have started recruitment companies and on-line job sites. Even well qualified and experienced recruiters may be overwhelmed with numbers. Large agencies may mean less of a personal touch but small agencies can find themselves without the resources to cope with responses to popular jobs. Always ask lots of questions about what they offer and check friends and relatives for recommendations. 

If you can, develop and keep up a real relationship with recruiters but recognize that pressures on them can lead to what appears to be an uncaring attitude. It is up to you help them to help you; nobody cares more than you do about your job search. 

Other resources for the job seeker

As a job seeker, there are lots of useful techniques to learn or to refresh. From writing a modern CV to wooing at the interview, you’ll find lots of tips in my handy little pocket book.

job search networking
A concise and practical little workbook. For all who have the courage to go out and learn the new skills necessary to find a job now.

A concise and practical little work book. For all who have the courage to go out and learn the new skills necessary to find a job now.

Find this and my other books on my Amazon page at this link; http://ow.ly/BRSAL

Remember working with a career coach can really help job search. Get in touch at the Facing a mid-career dilemmaemail address below – I offer a free half hour trial session by phone or Skype.

Wendy Smith, Career, life and Business Coach

Wendy Smith is a career consultant, life coach and business coach with depth of experience in organisational development, management, coaching and personal development. That experience means she is equally at home helping clients find a new career direction, starting-up new businesses or dealing with life’s more challenging personal issues. 

Need help finding work, with problems at work, at home or with relationships? Book your free 30 minute, no obligation, trial coaching session with Wendy Smith now at this Link 

Starting A New Job

Starting A New Job

Career Development – Starting A New Job

Starting a new job – congratulations – you did your homework, prepared well and starting a new jobwowed the interviewing panel. You have what you wanted and you are about to start in a new position. So what will you do now to make this a success?

Making the perfect start in your new organization

What are those special things that you can do to make sure things turn out well?

Here are some tips;

  1. Make sure you get to know who really counts in your new workplace. Who are the key decision makers? Make sure you know who needs to be kept on board. Remember, there will be people of influence at all levels in your organisation and courtesy to all is going to make a good impression.
  2. Learn the culture of your new organization. Make sure you find out quickly how things get done. Every organization has its own particular style and language. Take time to find out what goes where you are now. How will your personality and approach best fit in best. Be prepared to adapt.
  3. Work out for yourself some short-term objectives and then work towards them – in due course make sure you agree at least the overall of objectives for your role with your new boss. Make sure you understand how your performance will be judges.
  4. Build up your connections and a new network of contacts, for example, colleagues, suppliers and customers; both within the organization and outside it. Build good relationships with all from your first day.
  5. On that first day, arrive in good time. Dress for success in the style of your new organisation. Polish those shoes. Make sure clothes are clean and well pressed.
  6. Now take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and do well!

Getting ahead in your new job

Once you have made a start, it is time to plan for the future!

  1. Find out how appraisals are carried out and explore the training and experience opportunities and make sure that you t. Does your organization have a career development program that you can join?
  2. Continue to nurture your network of contacts. Remember networks depend on reciprocity – what do you have to offer others.
  3. Think about how you can consolidate your position and make a real contribution to your organisation.
  4. Then don’t wait till it is time to prepare for a move to think about what might come next.
Wendy Smith, Career, life and Business Coach
Wendy Smith, Principal Coach, WiseWolf Life and Career Coaching

Wendy Smith is a career consultant, life coach and business coach with depth of experience in organisational development, management, coaching and personal development. That experience means she is equally at home helping clients find a new career direction, starting-up new businesses or dealing with life’s more challenging personal issues. You can contact her at wendy@wisewolfcoaching.com

Wendy has written a little eBook on how to get on with your boss and a book on job search – you can find all her books on Amazon at this link