>Watch your language – it’s a different world out there!


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Here we have the last of the series of three guest posts from Ian Machan of Prepare4private Limited – “Levelling the playing field for Public Sector workers seeking jobs”.  As I explained before, Ian has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors. I hope you enjoyed his earlier posts on Transferable Skills and The Hidden Job Market.

From our experience at Prepare4Private we know the Public Sector is full of jargon most of which the rest of the population does not use or understand. Just think of some of the words used when you deal with your local council or similar Public Sector organisation. It is not designed to confuse but rarely takes account of the likely understanding / recognition of the general public.

Most publications from the Public Sector are now checked for ‘readability’ or Plain English, as it’s known. 

Yes there have been some improvements but there is still a long way to go. A few examples are
1.    Direction of Travel – a classic public sector phrase which is meant to state the future plan or the way forward of an organisation.
2.    Horizon Scanning – another beauty which broadly means reviewing the future developments and opportunities.
3.    Joined up Working – why use one word (partnership) when three will do?
4.    Acronyms – they all sound the same and to be fair in many instances the full terms are equally incomprehensible.

So jargon is shorthand, used by insiders. Now, if you are looking for your next career opportunity in the Private Sector it is very important that you research alternative, more understandable words and phrases to get your point across.

In an interview situation avoid the use of jargon as it may confuse or indeed frustrate a potential employer. A little bit of preparation will prevent you slipping into jargon when you are under pressure.

Good luck with the interview (not GLWTI!)

Ian Machan “Levelling the playing field for Public Sector workers seeking jobs: www.Prepare4Private.co.uk
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