Volunteering helps the community and improves your career

Volunteering helps the community and improves your career

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Volunteering is usually recommended while you are at college. However, it is essential to give back to the community even after you have graduated. You learn new skills, meet new people and add new experiences to your CV. This shows prospective employers that you are willing to work without pay in order to develop your career.

Volunteer work means that you perform various tasks offline or online without pay. Sometimes you already have the skills to perform the tasks but other times you learn from others. If you already are very skilled then you can train other persons or supervise a team. If not then you will be assigned to perform simpler tasks under supervision until you have gained enough skills. Volunteer activities in the United States can be completed at many popular organisations such as the American Cancer Society, The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs, and YWCA. However, there are many more that can be found by asking at your community center or searching online at neighbourhood websites.

Volunteering at college is easier because you go to the Career center and ask for the recommended organisations that you can join. You can also ask your roommates, friends and lecturers for organisations that they have worked with in the past. During the academic year when you attend various events you will often hear about volunteer work. Always join and contribute a few hours regardless of how busy your academic schedule is. You get to meet new persons and contribute to worthy causes. This shows that you were also thinking about the community instead of just about your books and parties.

Some corporations have communities that they volunteer with.

Some corporations have communities that they volunteer with. The projects are usually aligned to the company’s objective. Usually you are allowed to perform your volunteer activities during work hours. This means that you get to work with co-workers from various departments and get to see a more relaxed side of their personalities. This improves your relationship with them because it is easier to bond. It also gets you exposed to the various needs of the community that you might not have been aware of.

If prefer not to take on volunteer opportunities at college or at work then you can ask persons in your community or neighbouring communities. Volunteering closer to home means you get to save time and money on transportation. You get to learn more about the people, places and events that are an important part of your neighbourhood.

Each time you volunteer record the persons, activities and places that were involved. Make a note of the skills you learnt, knowledge you gained and how these contribute to your career. Then add these to a document so that you can see your progress over time. Afterwards, update your CV and explain the benefits that you gained and what you gave in return. Remember that it does not need to be continuous so you should plan it around your schedule and be willing to be flexible.

As you can see, volunteering is a great way to meet new people or improve your relationship with those you already know. You also get to learn or strengthen your skills. Ask for more information at your college, employer or community center. Take the time to search for organisations that are close to work and home so that you spend more time volunteering and less time on the road. Then add your experiences to your CV to show that you care about the community too.

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