Time to Change Your Job

Time to Change Your Job

Career Development: When it is time for a change!

Time to Change Your Job – making a career change can be daunting. But there are times when it is clear you should consider it.  Here are some examples of occasions when it is worth thinking through whether a career change is right for you

You are beginning to question the ethics of your present career choice

Yes, in your sector it is possible to earn lots of money and it can be quite exciting.  But there is something about it that worries you. It feels uncomfortable and at times you feel guilty – is it really right not to be more honest with your customers? You feel your moral boundaries are being pushed too far.

Time to change your job when you feel exploited

You are making lots of money for the company but you don’t feel appreciated or properly rewarded. Perhaps without you they can’t operate, but all they do is keep loading you with extra work. You feel overworked to the point of failure. They may want to cut corners and costs by loading extra work on you and not hiring someone else to take over.

The job doesn’t use your capabilities and strengths

You feel you have so much more to give. And perhaps they promised you that new opportunities would emerge.  You have been there a while now and nothing has come up.  You can’t see a way that you are going to feel fulfilled working for this organization

 There are no opportunities for promotion

Perhaps it is a sector that doesn’t really have a career structure. It might be that you work in a very small organization where nobody else is going to move on very quickly. You like the job but it isn’t that fulfilling and it is pretty obvious there will be no opportunities to move forward in the near future.

You are in a sector or profession that is dying

Changes in technology have sounded the death knell for many traditional jobs. Don’t wait till it is ringing in your ears to move on. You realize there are technologies (or perhaps new customer behaviour like the demand for instant satisfaction) that are going to change the demand for your work; it’s time to consider going.

You feel you have a true calling to do something else

The true calling that you seek can be any type of interest; it could be a beloved hobby, branch-off of an existing skill, or something completely opposite to what you do now but which you’ve always found intriguing. You will have regrets if you never give it a try

Time to Change Your Job – your choice to change your career may be met with resistance from those around you at home or at work but it is possible to make a change.  Others have done it successfully before you; seek help and advice from them and, of course, you could find yourself a career coach like me.

In the meantime, if you find yourself getting stuck in your job search or career development, or need just the kind of support I describe, please get in touch.

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