Anger at Work

Anger at Work

Ten Ways to Manage Anger at Work

Anger at Work – I found this great post on the Working Dynamics’ website – you can find the link below!

“What makes you angry at work? Is being treated disrespectfully a trigger for you? Does it make you angry when someone goes through the files on your desk to find a report rather than waiting until you return to ask you for it? Do you get angry when you sense that you and co-workers are being used for another’s purposes? Or does the micro-managing boss “push your buttons”?

We are all different, and each of us is different from one situation to another. You might have a short fuse one day and be easygoing and tolerant the next day. Knowing what triggers your anger is the place to start. Next, recognize when a trigger is presenting itself and decide how you want to respond… ”

You can read the rest of this great post at this link
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