People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.  Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. And that light is the light of Confidence!

Think about football – talent and hard work alone do not win games. To be a consistent winner a player must have a winning attitude. An attitude that will begin with and comes from self confidence – confidence that they and their teammates can get the job done.

For a team managing change that same self-confidence is required.  Here is a short check list to establish whether your team will have confidence to manage the change! .

Positivity –  Do you and your team think positively?  How does the team react to negativity?  What happens to pessimism in your team?  Does the team challenge negativity in themselves and in their fellow team members?  Do you have strategies for challenging negativity?   Everyone makes the odd mistake, so do not dwell on the negative. The key is to relax and manage the outcome. Fear of failure creates negative tension, but desire to excel and succeed creates positive reactions.

Clarity –  Are your team clear about the vision and the objectives of the change?  Do they have a picture in their head of the end state?  Have you painted that picture for them?  Do they believe in it?  Can they all state the vision and really mean it?  Can they focus on it?

Focus – Are you and your team clearly focused on the task ahead?  Do you know how to maintain focus?  How does the team deal with distractions – do they challenge each other? Concentration will always be better if you have prepared and planned

Preparation – Have you put the right team together? Are there enough team members and are they well prepared for the task?  Do they have the right balance of skills and experience?  What about the mix of personalities – do you have your completer-finisher as well as your resource investigator, plant etc etc?    Have they sufficient resources for the job?

Leadership Are you set up to lead them?  Have you done this before?  Do you have learning needs?  Do you have plan for meeting them?  Have you got a mentor – an experienced change manager to guide you – remember people feel flattered if you ask them to be a mentor.   How will you monitor positivity, clarity and focus in your team, as the project progresses?  Have you built relationships with you team to support this?  Do you know how you will reinforce confident behavior – a word from you will make a huge difference to their morale.

Remember as Henry Ford said  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.”  Have confidence and lead your team to success.

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