What graduates can bring to your company!

What graduates can bring to your company

Today we have a guest post from JonJon Yeung  with a very interesting perspective and we’d love to have your views

Most entrepreneurs and SME owners don’t go into business thinking that they’ll remain on the bottom rung of the business ladder for long. The plan is to expand the customer base, build up loyal clients and increase the profit for potential. In other words, the majority of business owners know that, at some point down the line, they’re going to expand.

And expansion means taking on new employees. When it comes to the hiring side of things, employers are faced with that age-old question: do they hire someone with experience or do they hire someone fresh out of university?

Experience Counts

Let’s take a look at experience first. Hiring someone who’s been in the game a while does come with its advantages. They know standard practices, they tend not to make schoolboy errors and they’ll also be aware of tried and tested methods. However, on the flip side, they’ll be less adaptable – especially when it comes to things like technology. Business tools are emerging and developing all the time and, if you really want to be a contender, you or your staff are going to need to know their way around them.

New Minds; Fresh ideas

So what about graduates? Well, there’s certainly the potential for teething problems but, remember, graduates are fresh from a learning environment and are still programmed to keep on learning. In other words, you can put your stamp on them and encourage them to approach their jobs in the way that best suits you – with little fear of resistance. Plus, they may have knowledge that you don’t. But they’re not going to throw it in your face; after all, you’re giving them their first job.

However, you might find that they’re prepared to make intelligent and well-informed suggestions, using new information that seasoned professionals simply aren’t aware of.

Technical Problems

There’s also the question of technology. With companies such as Intuit continually updating and improving their business tools, you need someone who can cope with the ever-changing face of technology. What you’re using now may well be old-hat to a graduate. As an example, why do you need a team of accountants to run your finances when you could be using QuickBooks, from Intuit? Voted as one of the top 10 places to work, hire a tech-savvy graduate and they can transform the way your finances run, doing away with manual tasks and turning the majority of that time-consuming stuff into automated processes. Graduates know this field and it’s a field that starting to become very prominent in the business arena. With more and more business being done via mobile phones, apps and tablets, you need someone who can throw themselves into the tech-based side of things without batting an eyelid.

Finally, there’s the question of age. If you hang on to your old team, then there’s going to come a point where retirement beckons and if all your employees are of a certain age, there are going to be some fairly hefty gaps in your infrastructure.

However, give a graduate a good working environment with plenty of opportunity for advancement within the organisation and you could have a long-term employee who brings a great deal to the table. Graduates may need a little nurse-maiding to begin with, but the way we do business is evolving and they can help you stay ahead of the latest changes.

This is a guest post from JonJon Yeung