Organisational culture

Changing a culture is a real challenge! It is hard to do without losing the good things you have now. If you are serious about your vision and you really want to see your values in practice, then you may have some hard work ahead! But of course until you understand the culture you have now, you won’t know what you need to do, will you?

Handling Resistance

Stage 5 is about empowering action, over coming resistance and getting rid of obstacles to change. This is where your investment in Stages 1 to 4, begins to pay dividends. Kotter himself states that when Stages 1 to 4 are skipped, resistance is inevitable and this can destroy your change.People resist change because they fear loss. Here are some way to deal with obstacles.

Communicate Your Vision

The guiding team need to be visible and let people see you as the embodiment of the change you intend to make. Walk the Talk! The top team should be using the vision daily to make decisions and solve problems. And so should all those who are actively engaged. Keep it fresh and on everyone’s minds, then they will begin to remember it and respond to it.

Creating Vision for Change

When you first start thinking about change, there will probably be many great ideas and solutions floating around. You need to link these concepts together into an overall vision.

Create a Shared Vision!

What do followers want? A leader with a compelling vision of the future – which is not usually that leader’s personal view. New research shows that followers respond to a leader who can articulate a vision.

Leading Change – are we there yet?

Real change, particularly whole organization change, takes a long time to complete properly. Step Seven of Kotter’s eight stage process is about building on the changes you made with your quick wins, to make sure the whole vision is achieved.