Valpak® Searches for North America’s Favorite Small Business

Valpak® Searches for North America’s Favorite Small Business

Selected company will win inaugural $10,000 Dough to Grow Award

In 2 years, 170,000 small businesses in North America  have fallen in recession. @ValpakCoupons is doing its part to fuel growth.

Valpak, a leader in print and digital coupons, is searching for North America’s favorite small business to win its Dough to Grow Award, a contest for small businesses across North America. The winning small business will receive a grand prize of $10,000 from Valpak – and will become the titleholder of the 2012 Dough to Grow Award.

Businesses may be nominated at from October 1 through November 30, 2012. During that time, nominees must receive at least 100 votes to win. Business owners and entrepreneurs are encouraged to get friends, family and supporters to vote for them. Anyone can cast votes for their favorite nominees.

“Valpak is committed to moving businesses forward, and with the Dough to Grow Award, we’re proving it. This embodies Valpak’s core mission of supporting local businesses to help them grow,” said Michael Vivio, president of Cox Target Media, providers of Valpak.

“We’re excited to hear from businesses  who are the backbone of communities across North America. We also encourage anyone who supports local business to show their support by voting for their favorite nominees, ” said Vivio.

Valpak launched the Dough to Grow Award because it is keenly aware of the obstacles small business owners must overcome to grow their business. Valpak franchises in more than 170 cities in 45 states and four Canadian provinces partner with tens of thousands of businesses to help them reach new customers and increase the bottom line through print and digital direct marketing products.

How to Get the Dough:
If you, or a business owner you know, think you are North America’s favorite small business and could use $10,000 to grow your business, nominate yourself now for a chance to win the cash.

The process is simple

You can find out more at this link

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