Simple task management

Simple task management

Just a Thought: Don’t Let Task Management Become a Task!

Simple task management – I use the simplest of task management systems. It is a “to do” list of tasks with dates and the possibility of an urgent flag, if I need it.

I use the simplest app on my phone.

You will find lots of phone and computer apps for task management.  And some are incredibly complicated.

For me, the more facilities and add-ons they provide, the less I like them.

But I ‘m not into making recommendations – you’ll have to find one that you like for yourself. I’d recommend keeping it simple.

I want a list I can review and update easily on my phone. And that is all I want in terms of an application.

Then it is up to me to review the list systematically and take action.

Therein lies the secret really with any task/to-do list. How often do you review it? Then do you really take action?

If the app is complicated, it takes a lot of time to maintain it.

I look at mine twice a day, every day! Then I commit to complete the task that day or to re-schedule.

No task/to-do list can actually make you complete the task. You have to do that yourself!

Too often managing the task/to-do list becomes a substitute for taking action.

If you keep things simple, there is far more chance that you will spend time on the task rather than on managing the list!

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