Career Development – Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Career Development – Are You Holding Yourself Back?

When it comes to meeting your full potential, how are you doing?  Are you as successful as you would like to be? No? Well lots of us unintentionally get in our own way.

There are lots of ways you could be blocking your own ability to succeed. Here are some questions to consider.;

  1. Are you overemphasizing your personal goals and position at the expense of your work group and your organization? Protecting your own position can limit your ability to take a wider view or to gain from group success. This approach is particularly limiting if your aspiration is to lead
  2. Are you obsessed with your personal image? Apart from alienating others, this can mean you avoid taking the risks necessary to achieve success.  Yes, you do need to protect your “personal brand” but not the point where it stops you talking a risk that might lead to a good opportunity. Be aware of the impact your personal brand, and how you protect it, is having on those about you.
  3. Do you see the competition as the enemy?  Hmm, that means you are not building the kind of alliances that might support you in the future.  Remember the old adage about keeping “enemies” close.  All well and good, but how about finding the common interest!
  4. Do you go it alone instead of looking for, and accepting, support and advice? At no stage in your career are you likely to know all you need to know. At no stage are you likely to be able to do it all alone.  Learn early to ask for, and accept, help gracefully and learn how to give in return
  5. Do you fear of failure?  Most winners have many years of the experience of being losers.  The trick is not to win every race but to learn from each failure and have the confidence to start again. How good at that are you?

So we’ve talked about being prepared to accept advice and help.  Here is an offer!  I’m a career coach and if you need my help, my contact details are below.

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