What are your customers telling you they don't want? Learn from experience and stay focussed!

Red Herring

Today, I was going to write a third piece on scenario planning.

But I’ve decided not to!

This is for three reasons.

  • First the guidance on scenario planning produced by Shell provides a very good “how to”  guide
  • Second, I’m going to learn from the experience of my first two posts on this subject!
  • Third I’ve looked again at my mission statement and well…!

The first post was applauded as being an excellent summary.  But really I should have stopped there! The second post wasn’t taken up at all!

Oh I’m sure in due course it will get picked up by search engines.  It will pop up somewhere down the list of results when someone googles “ Scenario Planning”.

But really is that what I write for?

I write here to provide simple advice and guidance to those managing or going through change.

A detailed guide to scenario planning doesn’t quite fit the bill does it?

I got a little bit fascinated by scenario planning and off I went!

How often do you get distracted from your goals in life?  You set your heart on achieving a certain goal and something interesting comes along and off you run – the poor little pup is chasing the hare again – unless of course he is distracted by a red herring – see below!

Of course the journey may be interesting.  You may learn new things and find new directions.  But you certainly don’t achieve your goal.

Beyond the brief summary, there really wasn’t any reason to continue on about scenario planning and it certainly was not becoming more simple.

So now it is back to living the mission!

As for the second point, I need to learn from my customers/readers.  No point at all in going on delivering something that my readers don’t want to read.

Message, if you want to stay in business listen to your customers and stay focussed on what they tell you they want.  Make it your mission!

Note: The term “red herring” probably originates from an article published 14 February 1807 by journalist William Cobbett in the polemical Weekly Political Register. In a critique of the English press, which had mistakenly reported Napoleon’s defeat, Cobbett recounted that he had once used a red herring to deflect hounds in pursuit of a hare, adding “It was a mere transitory effect of the political red-herring; for, on the Saturday, the scent became as cold as a stone.” Courtesy of Wikipedia

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