Business and skills solutions

Whether you require advice, facilitation, training, or support on a particular work-related problem, we will work with you to find an effective solution. Areas where we can help include:

* communication and consultation

* redundancy and notice

* contracts and hours

* employee engagement

* organisational change

* disputes and mediation

* equality

* job evaluation

* flexible working

You may want to review your policies and procedures. Maybe you require advice on introducing a change in your organisation, like introducing annualised hours. You may wish to explore problems with staff communications or underlying reasons for absenteeism. Whatever the problem with employment relations is, our advisers, who have an in-depth knowledge of issues faced by organisations in all sectors, can help.

But maybe the problem involves more than just employment relations and you need to review working practices to manage your business better. Perhaps you are looking at manufacturing processes to see if your organisation can become more competitive or avoid the need for redundancies. Our facilitation specialists will work with you and your employees to find a way forward

Perhaps you organisation has areas of conflict within or between teams. Our independent and impartial adviser can provide mediation, team building and help with resolving relationship issues.

Our advisers can set up joint working groups or task groups in your workplace to look at your requirement and work with you and your employees. We have unique experience backed up by a good knowledge of HR, employee relations and employment law. We will be able to evaluate the issue, give valuable advice, and facilitate the implementation of an effective solution.

Benefits delivered by our customised help and support in the workplace to date include:

* improved profitability

* improved quality of goods and services

* lower levels of absenteeism

* fewer discipline cases

* fewer grievances

* avoiding redundancies

Can Acas help you?

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