High performance culture

In the present climate business performance is key to business survival. You and your organization cannot afford to underperform. But how do you ensure your performance management system actually works and works well!

Building on Change

Kotter argues that many change projects fail because victory is declared too early. Real change runs deep and takes time. Quick wins are only the beginning of what needs to be done to achieve long-term change – make sure you take enough time!

Creating Vision for Change

When you first start thinking about change, there will probably be many great ideas and solutions floating around. You need to link these concepts together into an overall vision.

Your Personal Brand Checklist

The world sees your personal brand in all you do. Everything, from the comments you make on Twitter to the way you dress, strengthens or weakens the way the world see you – your personal brand! Here are eight questions to ask yourself!

Embedding Change – Making It Stick And Creating A Culture

Here are some ways to make sure the change in your organization is successful

Embedding Change

Here are some ways to make sure the change in your organization is successful

Goldfinger, the Elephant and making partnerships work!

The benefits of partnership have long been extolled for public, private, voluntary and community organisations! And the benefits of true partnership are invaluable in managing change across an organisation. But the word ‘partnership’ is probably one of the most abused in the modern business lexicon. It is worth looking more closely at what partnership really means!