Fed-up with Job Search

Now is not the time to brood or become that couch potato. Get up, review, revise, refresh and get out there! Set yourself some new goals and move forward, there are still opportunities there – it is time to look in some new places.

Redundancy and layoff – emotions and what to expect!

When you are made redundant you may have to work your way through some very challenging and negative emotions. These can be disturbing and worrying for you and for those about you. It helps if you, and they, know what to expect.

Identifying transferable skills; a core ingredient of a successful career change

Today’s guest post is from Sian Case of Nail That Job.  With a small and friendly support team, they can help you at every stage of your job search journey. I’m a recruiter and trainer of recruiters who also supports job seekers from a wide range of industries to present themselves effectively to prospective employers. […]

Redundancy and the Family – it is change for them too!

Changes in life like redundancy affect us all deeply. They change us and they change our relationships particularly with out partners.. Acknowledge the change for both of you and that both of you are suffering loss. It is not about whose loss is greater. If you can, start to work for and not against each other! You can be a team again, I’m sure!

Leading Change – Announcing your change!

Prepare well for the announcement. Develop a communications plan. Help your staff prepare for bad news! Show how you are going to lead and support them through this change. You are all in it together!

Writing your CV! Part 3 Pondering on CVs; language,confidentiality, competencies and referees!

This post is concerned with the particular issues faced by those moving between public and private sectors when completing their CV. It comments on language, confidentiality, competencies and references.

Writing your CV! Part 2 Making Choices

Your CV is an opportunity to show an employer what you will bring to their organization in terms of your key expertise and transferable skills and how you will make a positive difference to their success. Here I provide advice on completing your CV.

Writing your CV! Part 1 The Basics

Once you have written a basic CV you can then make as many copies as you like and send them to anyone you wish. But more importabtly you can then adapt this basic template to meet the needs of any particular job advert. You can send a copy of your CV when you’re applying for a specific job vacancy or when you’re just writing ‘on the off-chance’.