For Your BookShelf – Project Management Demystified By Geoff Reiss

Project Management Demystified By Geoff Reiss

Project Management Lifecycle

‘If you are new or relatively new to project management and you plan to have one book … this is the one you should have.’ Martin Barnes, President of the Association of Project Management

Project management – if you are new to the subject, this book should be on your bookshelf. In clear and concise writing Reiss presents the concepts of project management.

He introduces you to the jargon and then goes though nine steps you need to reach a successful project.

A series of paragraphs introduce project management in many different areas; from publishing to space exploration, charity events to defence, construction to business change. They describe the nature of projects in each of these areas. The principles and techniques for the project manager are the same in each of these areas, just as the principles and techniques used by an accountant are constant across industries.

The chapter on “People” issues provides a useful reminder to the project manager that their projects are performed by teams of people, and that people are all different. The principles of good team management apply equally to projects as they do anywhere else.

The descriptions of personality types that will be familiar to anyone who knows the Meyers-Briggs or Belbin tests.

Project Management Demystified is concise, an easy read and provides a good over-view of the whole project management process.

This third edition contains expanded sections on program management, portfolio management, and the public sector. An entirely new chapter covers the evaluation, analysis and management of risks and issues. A much expanded section explores the rise and use of methodologies like Prince2.

This book ‘Provides an interesting perspective on the profession of project management that will amuse and prepare people embarking on their careers. Project Management Tipoffs

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