Corporate Panic and lessons from the Wolf Pack!

The UK public sector has changed quite a lot since I left. In terms of managing change, few lessons seem to have been learned and a good number seem to have been forgotten. My encounters with large private sector corporates, has led me to think they are not better or worse at handling people than those in the public sector. There seems to be a kind of corporate panic/frenzy around and that is the worst way to respond

Writing your CV! Part 3 Pondering on CVs; language,confidentiality, competencies and referees!

This post is concerned with the particular issues faced by those moving between public and private sectors when completing their CV. It comments on language, confidentiality, competencies and references.

Writing your CV! Part 1 The Basics

Once you have written a basic CV you can then make as many copies as you like and send them to anyone you wish. But more importabtly you can then adapt this basic template to meet the needs of any particular job advert. You can send a copy of your CV when you’re applying for a specific job vacancy or when you’re just writing ‘on the off-chance’.

Wendy worries about Dave, replies to his latest letter and promises new posts on CV writing.

Being made redundant is stressful for the individual concerned and those around them. Life changes for the partner or spouse too and this can take a toll. It helps if you can talk about this together.

Your Help Needed – New Blog – Leaving the Public Sector

Can you help? Following the 2010 UK Government Spending Review it was revealed that between them UK Government departments were expected to shed over 100,000 civil service posts as part of their efforts to reduce administration costs. So I’ve decided to start a new blog Leaving the Public Sector at to share learning and to help people leaving make the most the time ahead. The aim is to;
Give them honest advice about the realities of life outside
Support them in making their plans
Help them carry their plan through!

Alice down the rabbit hole – or customer service and schizophrenia in the downturn!

Most change is a mixture of hard and soft approaches and the strategy chosen usually reflects of the underlying culture of the organisation! How the mix works is critical because if it is not well managed it can become fraught with conflict and demoralising for people in the organisation; it can lead to a schizophrenic approach to customers.