Networking and your job search!

Letting people you know ,and people they can introduce you to, what you have to offer, really does bring new opportunities. These contacts can offer advice from own their experiences of job search. They can tell you about the sector they work in and they can introduce you to others, so that your network expands.

Overcome Your Fear of Networking in a Few Simple Steps

Overcome Your Fear of Networking in a Few Simple Steps Fear of Networking! I understand that networking can be intimidating. But if you really want that job, you’ll have to work for it. Florence Fung Florence has served more than 6 years of experience as an audit senior manager in a Big 4 accounting firm. […]

Danger – Spontaneity Ahead! Why You Need a Communications Strategy for Social Media.

Increasingly social media will probably play a role in both career and business survival. Messages flow fast! Once you have sent them, they continue to exist on the web for a very long time. So to be purely spontaneous is to take a risk and you need a strategy for your communications. This post provides you with five tips to help you produce your strategy for social media!

What is it with Networking? How should I make those vital connections?

Why, do I feel so uncomfortable when attending what are advertised as networking events. I’ve thought about the issues and what would work for me and here are the rules I’m going to set myself in the future.