On the Job: How Productive Is Your Lunch Hour?

On the Job: How Productive Is Your Lunch Hour?

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A typical lunch hour is one hour. For the week, this means that you have five (5) hours to put towards a variety of goals. So how do you spend your lunchtime? Do you spend it standing in long lines to buy lunch, catching up on office grapevine discussions with co-workers, running personal errands or catching up on work duties? In order to make the most use of that one hour, you should be spending it towards improving your personal or work life.

Unproductive Tasks That Can Consume Your Entire Lunch Hour

There are many ways to spend time, but standing in a long line at a fast food restaurant, café or cafeteria consumes too much time and energy that could be invested elsewhere. Another popular activity is to spend the lunch hour completing work tasks. However, spending all day discussing work can increase your stress levels as your body and mind do not get the chance to relax. Hence, you are even further stressed when you get home. Alternatively, talking with co-workers about various general topics such as local news, the weather and gossip can also eat up your entire hour.

Simple Ways to Stop Wasting Time

Now that you have noticed various tasks that consume your entire lunch hour, you can take some simple steps to increase your efficiency. First, to reduce time spent waiting in line, order lunch and have it delivered to your company. You can also prepare meals from home and take a brown bag lunch to work. Use these time-saving tips a few days per week so that you can utilize your lunchtime more effectively.

Next, when you sit down with co-workers, decide on a maximum time to spend discussing sports, TV show episodes, work tasks or other social activities. For example, set a timer for twenty (20) minutes. Then spend the remainder of the time building up your interpersonal relationships with colleagues. This could mean asking about favourite foods, movies, hobbies, etc. You could also find out what personal tasks they need help with and offer tips or suggest products and services that you love to use. This way all persons involved are benefiting from the discussions. Finally, use this time to complete other important personal tasks such as reading a book, taking an online course or creating your shopping lists. This would greatly reduce your To Do list each week.

Use your lunchtime wisely. If you have to catch up on work tasks because of an emergency or impending deadline, then go ahead. However, it would be less stressful and more productive to work on your interpersonal relationships with colleagues and tackle some personal tasks on your To Do list. This makes your lunch hour more productive and makes your work and personal life much more relaxed.

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Tamara M. Williams is an EzineArticles Platinum Level Expert Author. Her articles cover topics such as Computer and Technology and Email Marketing. Visit her profile page on EzineArticles to learn more.

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