How do people engage at work?

When you communicate the change be aware that the impact will be different for different kinds of people. Take those different needs into account when you are planning the message. Then recognize the risk that different kinds of engagement might present.

Handling Resistance

Stage 5 is about empowering action, over coming resistance and getting rid of obstacles to change. This is where your investment in Stages 1 to 4, begins to pay dividends. Kotter himself states that when Stages 1 to 4 are skipped, resistance is inevitable and this can destroy your change.People resist change because they fear loss. Here are some way to deal with obstacles.

Communicate Your Vision

The guiding team need to be visible and let people see you as the embodiment of the change you intend to make. Walk the Talk! The top team should be using the vision daily to make decisions and solve problems. And so should all those who are actively engaged. Keep it fresh and on everyone’s minds, then they will begin to remember it and respond to it.

Leading Change – Creating a Powerful Guiding Coalition

Putting together the right people to lead and manage the change initiative is critical to its success. It needs visible support from key people through out your organization. You must find the right people, instill in them a significant level of trust, and develop a shared objective.

Engaging Individuals

This is a great video from the INSEAD (the Business School) channel on YouTube on changing the hearts and minds of individuals as a necessary precursor to organizational change. The real engagement of individuals is key to success in organizational change

Taking Your First Steps in Leadership

In the workplace, as soon as there are two of you, someone has to lead. Someone has to decide what you are there for and how you will work together! It is this act of making sense of things that is the core element of leadership.As you step into leadership, ask yourself what do I bring to the role and how will I prepare? Then you will find there are lots of resources out there to help you on your leadership journey.

Corporate Panic and lessons from the Wolf Pack!

The UK public sector has changed quite a lot since I left. In terms of managing change, few lessons seem to have been learned and a good number seem to have been forgotten. My encounters with large private sector corporates, has led me to think they are not better or worse at handling people than those in the public sector. There seems to be a kind of corporate panic/frenzy around and that is the worst way to respond