Geoff Edmundson and I have founded G&W Consulting.  We both have a depth of experience in contract management as well as project & programme management and the management of organisational change. G&W Consulting will provide MPM Reviews – evidence based contract performance reviews, peer reviews and healthchecks across the lifecycle of service contracts; this includes advice and guidance on handling the follow-on business improvement issues and related assurance & risk governance mechanisms. G&W Consulting has developed and successfully piloted a peer review methodology – the MPM Review. This investigates the readiness, fitness-for-purpose, direction and performance of service contracts, service delivery operations and organisation throughout the lifecycle of the contract. We provide independent practitioners from outside of the organisation who use their experience and expertise to examine the progress and likelihood of successful service delivery. The MPM Review is used to provide a valuable additional perspective on the issues facing the responsible team and external challenges to the robustness of an organisation, systems, plans and processes. If you wish to find out more about G&W Consulting and the services we provide follow this link