Career Training: Learning from Podcasts, Audio Books or Audio Files

Career Training: Learning from Podcasts, Audio Books or Audio Files

Today we have a guest post from Tamara M. Williams who  is an EzineArticles Platinum Level Expert Author. On EzineArticles her topics are in categories such as Computer and Technology and Email Marketing. Visit her profile page on EzineArticles to learn more at this link:

If you are taking career courses or using resources on a specific topic to learn a new skill or improve an existing one, then you need to maximize your days to make the most use of your time. One great method of learning is using podcasts, audio books or audio files from the course site, blogs or websites. You can download the files on your mobile devices and listen to the lessons during regular activities; such as on your commute to and from work, while exercising or even when doing household chores. This gives you more time to learn and the more you know, then the more your skills will be in demand. This opens the opportunity for more promotions and an increase in income.

Audio Files are Convenient Because They are Portable and Save Time

Career development takes time and studying new material is one important aspect of that. Training could be done online by using your PC or mobile phone or with you physically present in the classes. However, balancing work, personal life and studies could be tedious if you do not manage your time properly. Therefore, making use of audio files or podcasts is very convenient.

Audio files are convenient because you can multi-task and complete other activities while you listen to the information. These activities would be simple tasks that do not require intense concentration, for e.g. travelling to and from work, and eating meals during your lunch hour. You can also listen when doing exercising, travelling to and from stores, or when doing chores at home such as washing dishes or dusting. Thus, you are able to make the most efficient use of your time.

Finding Audio Files Online

If you decide to use course resources, then you should check to see if a video or audio file is available. You can download these directly onto your PC or mobile phone. You can listen to the audio from the video file. Another option is to convert the video file to an audio file; which reduces the file size, thus taking up less storage space. Or you can subscribe to podcasts related to the topic of interest from sites such as Apple iTunes, PodOmatic or LearnOutLoud. You can also listen to audio books from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Audible. Likewise, blogs and other learning websites will have a download page which allows you to download various materials. If audio files are not available, then you can just record yourself reading the material. You can use software such as Audacity to create your own audio files.

Career development is important to progress further on the career ladder and even when you wish to transition into a new career. Learning new material is important so that you can develop new skills or enhance your existing ones. This could be accomplished by listening to podcasts, audio books or audio materials which will be very beneficial since you can download them to your laptop, mobile phone or other mobile devices. This makes you more marketable as you are able to complete more advanced tasks in a wider variety of projects. This will open the door for greater career advancement in your job such as a promotion or increase in income.

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Tamara M. Williams is an EzineArticles Platinum Level Expert Author. On EzineArticles her topics are in categories such as Computer and Technology and Email Marketing. Visit her profile page on EzineArticles to learn more at this link:

Defining Your Value in the Workplace By Ilchi Lee

Defining Your Value in the Workplace By Ilchi Lee 

Today we are privileged to have a guest post from the well known author and educator, Ilchi Lee.  Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves.

Since you are here looking for ideas on finding a job or for keeping the one you have, it’s helpful to think first about what value you bring to your workplace. I think the value you bring to your job or any endeavor comes from your true value.

Sometimes we can get lost in believing that other people will give us clues that let us know how well we “measure up” when compared to others. We absent-mindedly use these clues to decide our value in the workplace and the world. But, what if you decided that the opinion of others is not in favor of you? You could easily become less efficient and less dedicated to your job or your life. At work, this would have a negative impact for you and for the company that pays you to think on their behalf for their business. And in life, it could certainly demotivate you.

From my own early experiences I discovered that my true value did not depend on the evaluation of others. This lesson did not come easily at first, and I searched my own creativity for ideas that would let me experience my own value in this world. What I discovered was, when my idea helped others to discover a greater vision for the community and for other individuals is when I knew I had true value and purpose here. And this is true for you!

It can be easy to think of ourselves as separate from others. This is what allows us to imagine their opinions and consider them as a measure for how to value ourselves. However, if we can understand the way that energy is present in all things, we realize that we are not so separate after all! From this perspective, we can define our own value for ourselves by initiating and participating in efforts that benefit others and are for the greater good.

Operating with this awareness, you will radiate a quality of energy that communicates apart from your resume and beyond the words spoken in your interview that cannot be mistaken. Whether we are talking about the company, or the world, this is where your true value lies.


Ilchi Lee is the author of 36 books including The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, a New York Times bestseller, and his latest, Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential. A visionary and educator, he has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Dahn Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other wellness programs and methods. A model for the self-improvement he teaches, Ilchi Lee is continually changing and continually creative. Find articles and videos based on his methods at Learn more about Ilchi Lee at