When you feel confused

When you feel confused

Personal development: When you feel confused

When you feel confused – are you feeling confused right now?

There all kind of occasions when you might feel confused at work or at home.

Sometimes you just need more information for things to become clear.  Then the priority is to stay calm and find that information.

At other times, things are more complex and even with more information you stay confused.

What can you do about confusion?

Remaining calm is always important when dealing with confusion. If that is difficult, take some time out to use a simple relaxation technique like the one at this link.

Then it is time to think and to put the pieces of your jigsaw puzzle into place so you can see a picture you recognise.

What do you feel when you think about your problem? Your feelings are often a key to the real solution. But make sure you really are calm when you consider your feelings – feelings of panic just add to your confusion.

Think about your personal values and priorities and what is truly important to you; not just for today but over the coming months.

Does setting what is really important to you against the problem help to make things clearer?

If not, then try writing down what you know, how you feel about the issues and what you would like to happen. Sometimes, writing things down gives clarity.

Consider talking to someone. Do you have a trusted friend that you can discuss this with? Often talking helps you find a solution.

If you stay confused and the issues are important consider talking to someone like me – a coach. We are trained to help you have a conversation with yourself that should clear your mind and cut through the confusion.


Remember working with a coach can really help you to feel happier. Get in touch at the Facing a mid-career dilemmaemail address below – I offer a free half hour trial session by phone or Skype.

Wendy Smith, Career, life and Business Coach

Wendy Smith is a career consultant, life coach and business coach with depth of experience in organisational development, management, coaching and personal development. That experience means she is equally at home helping clients find a new career direction, starting-up new businesses or dealing with life’s more challenging personal issues. 

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