Facilities Managers – how confident do you feel about project management?

Are you in the FM industry? I bet you are expected to manage projects and change as part of an operational  job.  But how confident do you feel?  Have you received all the training you need?  Please take my poll on LinkedIn about project management -http://tinyurl.com/338hwtc


A survey by Motivational Leadership Ltd found  a lack of competence and lack of willingness amoung managers to recognise and meet the motivational needs of their staff.

Time pressures, over-work, and not knowing how to keep up momentum were also put forward as reasons for not taking the time to motivate staff, as well as the inevitable mention of the recession and lack of money.

The survey found over 50% of respondents were not regularly measuring motivation because they did not know how to!   Those that did measure were mainly using staff surveys and some were using the annual appraisal interview.

A report published by the Chartered Management Institute in 2006 found the five top motivaters for managers were

  1. A sense of purpose in the work
  2. A sense of achievement from reaching goals
  3. Helping others to develop and grow
  4. A sense of team responsibility
  5. The opportunity to challenge existing models and systems

You can find out more about the CMI study at www.managers.org.uk/researchreports and the report from Motivational Leadership is at www.motivationalleadership.co.uk/105/Motivational_Matters_Report_2009/