Social media is changing. It has moved away from the world of techies and youth into a community wide phenomenon with a new way of connecting across all social divides. It can now meet all the challenges of social communications from making friend to doing business. Here are 6 ways in which we think it is changing.

1. The People Focus

We’re moving away from being “users” to being just people communicating with each other – here come real human beings. If you want to succeed as a company using social media – then take it a step forward and find a way to use social media to meet some different basic human needs e g for making contact with other real humans

2. Creating Meaning for Real People

Social media features and applications are common – people are now looking for more real value than just something new. People want to ge the latest news but they also want to be involved themselves and have conversations – lots of conversations – real interaction with you and others.

3. Supporting Technical Convergence

FriendFeed — now both a destination and an API — is growing rapidly, despite a doubtful wiki-like interface and interactive experience. That’s because people are at a loss when it comes to pulling their conversations together from various sources and assigning meaning to them. Companies that deliver beautifully designed, easy-to-use, searchable, flexible, aggregating platforms will become more important than any social media tool by itself.

4. Building a Truly Cross-Platform Experience

The iPhone experience has changed the playing field for users, companies, and developers. In Q1 of 2009 alone, Apple sold 4.4 million iPhones, and Google’s Android and the new Palm continue to build on the cross-platform, application- and service-driven model. People are seeking solutions that seamlessly cut across mobile, web, and live interaction.

5. Creating Relevant Social Networks

People will create, join, and seek social networks that enable them to have meaningful and relevant experiences with each other. Delivering social networks that allow people to connect easily and seamlessly around the things they love will make then next generation of IT billionaires.

6. Making Money

The next phase of social media will bring lots of ways to make money. With the rise of aggregating platforms, social networks, and new mobile and location-based features, there are going to be lot of ways of targeting ads to meet personal needs as well as providing new services and new hardware. All it needs is imagination. Social media has forever changed the way people with access to technology interact and that access is becoming easier to gain and cheaper by the day. We can’t put the monkey back in the box all we can do is teach it new tricks to serve us in the world we now live in.

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