Self Employment and A request from Dave

Dear Wendy

Dave has written me a new letter and he has a request. His letter is below.  You can find out more about Dave and the background to his letter on his page. So the next few posts here are going to be for those contemplating self employment.

“Dear Wendy

As you know I didn’t get the school administrator’s job.  I was very disappointed at first but applying for it and going for interview was a useful experience and it has helped me to clarify what I really want to do next.

When I first retired I thought I would prefer to do something different rather than seek another similar middle management post and now I feel sure that that really is what I want to do.  I’m thinking about becoming a self employed computer skills teacher and trouble shooter.   I have the technical skills and my personal relationship skills have always been one of my strengths.  I’ve got a lot more work to do to identify the market etc but I think it is a realistic proposition.

I know your blog is mainly aimed at people looking for work in the private or voluntary sector but I wondered whether you had any advice to offer for those thinking about self employment, as I am.



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