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Advisory booklet – Redundancy handling

Booklet summary

Advisory booklet – Redundancy handling – opens in a new browser window from the link below.

The aim of this booklet is to provide guidance for employers, trade unions and employee representatives on how best to handle redundancies.

The booklet emphasises the importance of planning labour requirements to avoid or to minimise the need for redundancies; the benefits of establishing an agreed procedure for handling redundancies; and the need for fairness and objectivity when selecting members of the workforce for redundancy.

The booklet considers the practicability of offering redundant employees alternative work, counselling or other assistance. It is hoped that the booklet will act as an aid to improved employment relations practice by ensuring that the need for redundancies is minimised, and that where they are unavoidable, decisions are made in a fair and consistent manner.

To help differentiate between the extensive legal provisions and good employment relations practice, the statutory requirements relating to redundancy including consultation, unfair selection, alternative job offers and time off to look for work or to arrange training are in bold type. Good practice and the relevant decisions of employment tribunals remain in normal type.

This booklet is not, however, a guide to current law on redundancy. In particular, it is not intended to give advice on the rights of employees when businesses are transferred or sold.

Download the booklet at the link below

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