Planning an Event? Don’t let your flyer, fly away with you!

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I just read a flyer for a two day event to be held in the summer and it left me with lots of questions.

The blurb on the front asks

  • What people problems keep your top team awake at night?
  • What are your leaders doing to develop their own skills?
  • How will the workplace change over the next ten years?
  • Are you prepared for those changes?
  • Do you have the right talent in the right place?
  • Can you keep the talent that you need?

It then talks about managing people to win customers and public approval and market share!

The speakers cover everything from career development to employment law as it applies at director level.

By implication at the end of the two days the questions above will be answered.

I was left wondering!

I looked at the speakers and I see a number of academics and coaches and others with exemplary experience of management.

Sadly I saw no wizards or anyone else competent to wield a magic wand or to read a crystal ball.

I am sure this will be a fantastic event and those present will feel it was thoroughly worthwhile. At the very least I’m sure they will hear about the latest developments in Human Resources.

But will they have solutions to the problems that are keeping their Board awake at night.  Oh I suspect not!

In the present climate, much as we might wish they would, I suspect most board directors are not prioritising their personal development .  Sad as it may be for HR Directors, I suspect most organisations are in survival, down size, out-source mode.  At least these will challenge the skills of highly competent HR professionals!

As for how the workplace will change over the next ten years.  Well now there’s a question!  I doubt if the group are going to spend much time scenario planning – see earlier posts here!

I doubt the Trades Descriptions Act applies to this kind of event!  And what a good thing it doesn’t, if it doesn’t!  Otherwise, how bored we should be by the flyers!

The message for me was this.  In these days of austeritiy be very careful. If you want people to come to your training event make sure it bears some relationship to current reality!  And if you are choosing an event to attend (and spend money on) make sure you read the flyer, very, very carefully.

Wendy Mason works as a consultant, business coach and blogger. Adept at problem solving, she is a great person to bring in when that one thing you thought was straightforward turns out not to be! If you have a problem talk to Wendy – she can help you – email her or ring ++44(0)7867681439

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