A Personal Development Mindset Is Important

A Personal Development Mindset Is Important

A personal development mindset is important – having a personal development mindset means that you take responsibility for understanding yourself as an individual. You know you are responsible for identifying and developing your own strengths and talents. It means you take control and become responsible for your own life and what you make of it – you take control of your own success and happiness.

But you can receive support from others in developing the mindset and in helping you to develop yourself.

A personal development mindset is something for you to work on. Personal development includes understanding your values and living in accordance with them. This in turn helps to strengthen your self-image and self-esteem. Then you begin to be able to see your own potential and you can work towards fulfilling it, in your both your work and in your home life.

Personal development enables you to;

  • Expect to succeed in your own terms,
  • Take risks that are right for you and set challenging goals,
  • Keep working patiently until you reach your goal.

Having a personal development mindset means you are;

  • Optimistic about the future even in hard times
  • Self-confident and believe in your own abilities
  • A self-starter who takes action – there can be no success without action
  • Open to new ideas wherever they come from
  • Someone who values yourself and your special contribution
  • Abundant in your thinking – it is all out there waiting for you
  • Someone who knows how to influence others for the good of all
  • Patient – you know worthwhile things are worth waiting for
  • A student – you continue learning throughout your life
  • Prepared to question yourself and respond to your own self-review

It sounds aspirational doesn’t it. But it is something worth working towards and we can all work together!

Wendy Smith is a career and life coach with depth of experience in career coaching, business coaching and personal development. She helps clients find a new career direction, start-up new businesses and achieve a better work/life balance. You can contact Wendy at wendy@wisewolfcoaching.com

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