Part Time Working or Redundancy in a Recession

The recession is hitting some sectors and some people harder than other others. People over 50 are more likely to be targeted while graduate recruitment has slowed. But the impact of the recession is leading more employers to think about the benefits of flexible working and hopefully this will last into the upturn. If you can offer part- time working to skilled workers it is a better option than losing them through redundancy.

If you work in an organization where redundancy threatens and you have not been offered part-time working, it’s worth considering making the suggestion. Living on a reduced income isn’t fun but if you can make it through, it might be the best way of weathering this particular storm. The extra spare time can give you a lot of options. More time with the family is obvious. But this is also the time for training to bring your skills up to date and for gaining new skills. You might launch out into some kind of new business – yes even in a recession its worth thinking about. If you are forced into redundancy then all these options apply too – lots of successful small businesses got started with redundancy money – people ended up doing what they had always wanted! Having said all that of course it’s hard – but there are lots of us around who are able and willing to help.

If you have been offered part-time or other flexible working packages, I would love to hear from you.

If you are facing redundancy and want to swap some ideas then get in touch!

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