Over 60s' Career Development

Over 60s’ Career Development

WiseWolf on the Discuss HR Blog – Career Development for the Over 60s

Over 60s’ Career Development – this post appears on the UK’s premier HR Blog, Discuss HR. Here is an extract 

“First I have to admit to a personal interest here; I am well over sixty. Second, I have to make a confession; I still don’t really know what I want to do when I grow up.

David Willetts, the higher education minister, has spoken recently about encouraging older people take up degree courses. Quite a lot of over 60s take up degree courses already of course – in 2011/12, nearly 2,000 started a first degree. Most of them were with the Open University with “The Arts Past and Present” being the most popular course, apparently.

But a history of art course is not what Mr Willets (who was known as “Two Brains” to my generation of Civil Servants) has in mind. No, what dear old David wants us to do is to “train”, so that we can cope with the pressures we will face as we work “well into our sixties”. His comments follow a government report which has found that the country’s future economic success will depend on the skills and contributions of older workers. One in four people will be older than 65 by 2033.

So we are asked to abandon our studies in art, history, classical studies, English, philosophy, music and religious studies etc and concentrate instead on the skills that will be required at work in 2020.

Dare I say it, I think the very intelligent Mr Willetts is starting in the wrong place…..”

Over 60s’ Career Development – you can read the rest at this link


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