Right now most people are focused just on keeping their jobs.  They are not thinking about going for promotion.  But this is the time when more leadership and creativity is needed than ever before, just to keep businesses afloat.  If you are lucky this could be your moment!

Now is the time to be the one that volunteers.

Make clear that you are prepared to take on more responsibility.  Where you see a problem looming, be the one who comes up with a solution – are there new and ingenious ways to cut costs for example?  Are new skills required and do you have them?  This is the time to prove what you can do!

Make sure the boss knows you are thinking about the organisation not just yourself!  But when you do something new or extra make sure your boss does know about it.  If it’s not possible to give you a raise now, then can you negotiate something for when things improve and get it on the record!  Can you tie how much you receive to that improvement with your present pay as a fall-back?

Go for it!  You’ve got nothing to lose and at the very worst you will be someone they want to keep around – right now that is a bonus.  Good Luck!

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