Changing Job Titles On Your CV

Changing Job Titles On Your CV

Changing Job Titles On Your CV
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Changing job titles on your CV is risky as this post from Dawn Rasmussen points out.

“True confession time: Did you ever ‘tweak’ a job title on your résumé because the title you worked under didn’t quite fit the work that you were doing?

The truth is (and I’ve seen this a lot with clients as a résumé writer), many people have done at least some ‘creative job title engineering’ at some point… the fear of being caught diminishes simply as time has worn on, and as that particular job record slides further back into history, and the inhibitions to keep to the facts sometimes wear off as job seekers try to provide a more accurate snapshot of the work that they did.

But did you know that when you change your actual job title of record to something different on your résumé, it is seen as lying by [some] human resource personnel? …”

You can read the rest of this interesting post about the dangers of  changing job titles on your CV at following link

Modifying Resume Job Titles Risky… Unless You’re Honest | The Savvy Intern by YouTern.

Dawn Rasmussen, CMP is the president of Pathfinder Writing and Career Services.

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