Managing People – Can an employer make an employee take a day as holiday?

Managing People – Can an employer make an employee take a day as holiday?

Here is yet another timely and very useful post from Annabel Kaye,  Irenicon – employment law in a mad world

Many employers have been asking staff to take a day’s holiday if they could not come in because of the snow. There have been a lot of misleading headlines about holiday and absence. Here are some useful facts.

  1. An employer cannot make someone go to work
  2. There is no general legal entitlement to be paid for days not worked and many contracts/staff handbooks specifically say employees won’t be paid for absence except under the sickness, holiday or parental leave scheme
  3. Employers who keep the workplace open may ask absent employees to chose to take holiday IF they want to be paid (as opposed to unpaid leave is there is no underlying entitlement to be paid in any event)……………You can read the rest of this post at this link 

Can an employer make an employee take a day as holiday?


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