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How NASA Builds Teams


How NASA Builds Teams


How NASA Builds Teams – Do you belong to LinkedIn?  If so. this is a great group to join if you are interested in team leadership.  If you don’t belong to LI, this is one more great reason to join.

Members of this group share a common interest in making teams more productive, leaders more effective, workplaces more engaging and work more meaningful.

Dr Charles Pellerin,  world-wide Team Builder and Hubble Team Leader is leader of the group.

“How NASA Builds Teams” by Dr. Pellerin (Wiley, 2009) explains the ‘human physics’ for developing high performance teams based on experience of working with hundreds of teams at NASA and other technology organizations.

If you have a passion to develop yourself as a more effective leader and raise the performance of your team to industry-best levels, you can’t do better than join this group.

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