Management – recruiting and selecting the right people

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Management – recruiting and selecting the right people

Recruiting the right people is crucial in ensuring your organization performs successfully. This new series of posts will provide the guidance you need in how to recruit and select people.  It will show the contribution that you can make as a manager to that recruitment process.

We are going to look at how to

  1. Analyse the job
  2. Write a job description
  3. Create a competency framework for the role
  4. Write a person specification
  5. Choose and use a recruitment method and a selection procedure including
    1. How to create an advertisement
    2. How to create an interview plan
    3. How to carry out an interview
    4. How to select the right candidate.

Recruiting the wrong person costs you money and causes disruption in the organization. It can cause distress and low morale.

If someone doesn’t ‘fit’ they may quit and you will have to recruit all over again.  Or you are left sorting out the problems.

It is much better to have the right recruitment system in place in the first place. You need a system that is

  •  EFFICIENT – cost effective
  • EFFECTIVE – attracting enough suitable candidates who are likely to fit into the organization
  • FAIR – stays inside the law in terms of avoiding unlawful discrimination and where decisions are made on merit alone.

When you have a vacancy, the first thing you think of is replacing the person. But this is actually a great opportunity to consider whether the work is needed at all and, if so, how best to get it done. Perhaps it could be shared between existing staff or it might not require a full time replacement.

So before any recruitment activity takes place, we need to understand the role and that is done by completing a job analysis. That is what I shall write about in the next post in this series next week.  From the job analysis we shall go on to write a job description that really helps to find the right candidate.

Wendy Mason is a Life and Career Coach.  She helps people have the confidence they need to be successful at work and to change career while maintaining a good work/life balance. You can email her at

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