Looking for Work is Tough

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Looking for Work is Tough

Looking for work is tough. Job Search means you are in a process of change. And all change comes with some degree of pain. Even changes for the better come with some degree of loss – something gets left behind. 

Looking for work is tough. Even if you are looking while you are employed you will have doubts and uncertainties. You will need confidence. It is tough at any level and at any stage in your career. But in some ways I think it gets tougher as you move further up the professional or management hierarchy. The reputational risk is higher. You have more to lose even though you usually gain confidence as you rise. I provide life coaching as well as career coaching to my clients and I know that helps them be more successful in job search.

For most of us changing roles has implications for those close to us.

You may have the opportunity to earn more but perhaps the family will have to cope with you travelling a lot more and/or working longer hours. Some families may feel the extra money doesn’t make up for losing you. But how do you reconcile their wishes with your own professional ambitions and the kind of work you always dreamed of doing?

And then, of course, circumstances can change. Suppose someone close to you suddenly becomes much more dependent on you.? Say they develop a long-term illness. Yes, you can now pay for their physical needs to be met. But how do you now make time to meet their need for emotional support?

I’ve been thinking about what all this that means for me as a coach and kind of work I do. And I believe life coaching combined with career coaching can help you, as a client, deal with the kind of situations I describe above. If you want to get the best outcome for changes in your life, get in touch.

Wendy Smith is a Career Coach and Life Coach helping you find fresh perspectives on life and your career. Need help finding work, with problems at work, at home or with relationships? Book your free, no obligation, trial coaching session with Wendy Smith now at this Link

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