Life Coaching

Life coaching can help with all aspects of life.  This could be finding confidence, sticking to a diet, learning a new skill, moving out of your comfort zone, standing up for yourself at work, keeping a stable love life, or achieving those things you always wanted to do.

Life coaching with us is about finding objectivity, creating structure and empowerment. Our fully qualified life coaches will help you find the power to help your self.

Life coaches don’t offer opinions or judge you.

Hi, I’m Wendy Smith (career and life coach) and I’m sure I can help you. if  you don’t find what you are looking for below, please get in

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Wendy Smith

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I will help you find:

  • Objectivity: we all have different perspectives of the world. No one perspective is life coaching‘right’ or ‘wrong’. But your present perspective could be restrictive and stop you becoming who you want to be.
  • Structure/Guidance: there is a difference between an instructor and a guide. An instructor shows a person exactly what to do. Whereas a guide provides the structure, tools and support a person needs to do something for themselves. A life coach is a guide, not an instructor.
  • Empowerment: it is within everyone’s capability to adjust the limits of their own perspective. With the help of life coaching, anyone can learn to open their mind if they wish.

A life coach will also help you deal with difficult patches in life, like dealing with bereavement, the loss of a relationship or redundancy

As well as personal coaching to help you deal with the issues above, I offer a life review package for the times when you really want to take stock and, perhaps, find a new direction. Also I work with people who want to concentrate on improving their confidence and self-esteem.

You can see your options for coaching sessions and our payment structure here

To find out more at any time, ring Wendy Smith on 07867681439 (+447867681439 from outside the UK) or email