Just Promoted? Here's what you need to know.

Just Promoted? Here’s what you need to know.

Advice from Wally Bock

Wally Bock writes about leadership and management based on many years of hard won experience.  He also a ghostwriter and coaches writers and produces information products.  This is not a new post but I think it is a very valuable one. You can follow him on Twitter as @Wally Bock  and here is the link to his blog http://blog.threestarleadership.com

A great cloud of jargon, debate, and junk theory surrounds the idea of leadership, what it is, who does it, and how to do it well. But if you have just been promoted, and you’re responsible for a group for the first time, there are only a few things you really need to know about leadership.

When you get promoted and become responsible for the performance of a group you become a leader. But you don’t undergo some magical change. In fact, it will probably take you over a year to completely adjust to your new role.

You’re a leader because the people in your group treat you like one. The only choice you have is what kind of leadership job you’ll do.

When you become a leader your power actually goes down. As an individual contributor, you just have to decide to work harder, longer or smarter to improve performance. When you’re responsible for the performance of a group, the group is your destiny. They choose whether to act or not.

When you become a leader, your influence goes up. The people who work for you pay attention to what you say and do. They adjust their behavior accordingly.

The result is that you use your behavior (what you say and do) to influence the behavior of the people who work for you to achieve a defined objective.

Achieving the objective is part of your job as a leader. But it’s only part.

The other part is caring for your people. It may be possible to achieve good short term results without caring for your people. But you can’t achieve long term success for you or your company without the willing cooperation of the best people you can find.

Boss’s Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you will know if you’ve done a good job as a leader if you can answer “Yes” to the following two questions.

Did we accomplish the mission?

Are the members of my group better off today than yesterday?

You can find this post and other wise advice for Wally at  http://blog.threestarleadership.com/2010/03/23/just-promoted-heres-what-you-need-to-know.aspx

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