The Ten Commandments for Job Seekers on Twitter

The Ten Commandments for Job Seekers on Twitter

Job seekers on twitter – With so many companies and recruiters on Twitter, it is a great place for a job seeker to find a job. But there are some ‘rules’ that they need to be aware of to have a chance at maximising their chances of finding a job opportunity there.

Therefore I have put together my tips to help job seekers on Twitter, because after all, many job seekers arriving at Twitter, will probably be Twitter Virgins and trying to use every means at their disposal to find a new job.

So here are my Ten Commandments for Job Seekers on Twitter:

1. Understand Twitter and what it is about.

The best way to do this, is to take off your boots off, just dive in and have a good look around. See what other people are talking about, how they are talking and how they use the 140 character limit. Get a sense of the twitter sphere before you join in.

Spend some time looking at other people’s bio’s and how they present themselves. Then ask yourself a question – would YOU follow that person? have they got your interest? Take note of your thoughts – you will need to bear this in mind for yourself soon.

2. Create a quality Profile and Bio.

a) No cat or dog photos – just a good head shot image of yourself. It gives recruiters a good impression of you straight away.

b) Your URL – use your blog | website | LinkedIn profile. If you have none of these, create a LinkedIn profile ( Download LinkedIn for beginners if you need a hand setting one up) . Don’t put a profile up without a URL, because every serious job seeker will have some form of online profile, and you will lose the opportunity to get followed by the right people otherwise.

c) Your one line bio – you have 160 characters to sum up your career and what you are looking for. remember keywords from your industry. If you are actively looking for a job now – say so.

d) Background – go to TwitterGallery and choose a free background. It will be an extra way to help you stand out from other people.

Above all, be interesting – no-one will follow you if you have a boring profile and bio.

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