Job Search When You Are In Work – Career Development in a Cold Climate

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Job Search When You Are In Work – Career Development in a Cold Climate

In this economic climate, people in work sometimes feel uncomfortable admitting they are looking round for other jobs.

Looking for work when you are in work often sounds to others as if there is some kind of problem. Or perhaps you don’t understand just how hard the job market has become. But people who are very happy in their present roles, loyal to their present employers and serious about career development, do look round to see what else might be out there. And, yes, some organizations are still hiring!

When you start a new role, you often have a three-part cycle in your mind;

  1. In the first period things are fresh and you are learning about the new organization and its customers/users. You are getting to grips with office politics, making yourself part of the team and building your relationship with the boss.
  2. The second period is spent making your mark and excelling in the role. Now you become invaluable to the boss. You start to innovate – this is the time to bring in your new ideas.
  3. Then you move into the last period which traditionally has been about moving on. This might be moving up in the same organization or sideways to extend your professional experience. But if there are no opportunities for career development where you are, you start looking round outside.

If all is well, your boss will not want you to go and an opportunity might be made for you. But if there are no possibilities and you are serious about career progression, you start looking round.

This is healthy. But, you need to handle this third stage with care, particularly now. You do not want to find yourself being moved on because the organization begins to have doubts about your loyalty.

You need to commit to continuing to deliver good quality of work in your present role. You should continue to nurse and develop your relationships within the organization. With care, you can still make it clear you would like to develop further without raising questions about your loyalty.

If they value your contribution, even in this climate there may be more they can do for you. For example, they may not be able to pay for more training but they may be able to give you some time for study while you pay the fees.

Be imaginative and be flexible. Continue to learn and continue to look for new ways to innovate in the work you are doing. Help your present organization to survive and thrive with you doing so too. But don’t lose your ambitions and your wish to develop your career.

Yes, do keep your eyes open for other possibilities. Have a well planned exit strategy if something does come up. Don’t dump on your present employer – look after their interests as well as your own. It will pay dividends in the future and who know what else that may hold.

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Wendy Mason is a Life and Career Coach. She helps people have the confidence they need to be successful at work and to change career while maintaining a good work/life balance. You can email her at wendymason

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