Job Search Interview – When the Interview Went Wrong

Job Search Interview – When it Goes Wrong

Job Search Interview – so, you put lots of effort into preparing for that interview and you tried hard but somehow, something just went wrong. You know it and you suspect they know it too!

Perhaps you woke up not feeling well or something had  happened in your private life to distract you. Maybe something happened on the journey!.  Whatever it was, there something threw you off your best performance.  And now you feel bad about it.

Can You Get A Second Chance?

Well, here is the good news! Although not all, there are many employers who may be willing a give you the benefit of the doubt if you are well fitted in other ways.  Going back quickly, thanking them for the time they have spent on you already and explaining your circumstances may just do the trick.

Don’t go over the top but email or write to them briefly explaining what went wrong.  Make sure you emphasise your interest in the job and ask if it is possible to meet a second time or perhaps arrange a phone interview. Remind them of your referees and that they will be willing to confirm what a good candidate you are.

Set out again briefly why you really want this job and your interest in working for the organization and then sum up why you are particularly well fitted for the role. Don’t forget to remind them again of your contact details.

You have nothing to lose by giving it a try,  and much to gain.  Good luck.

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