Using Social Media for Job Search

Using Social Media for Job Search

Using social media – we all know by now that networking is one of the most important parts of job search. But not all of us are confident about using social media. This is a pity because social media sites will play an increasing role in networking, career advancement, and professional success in the future. If you are a reluctant user of social networking, I hope these tips will help.

Remember that most, if not everything, you do on-line stays there forever. And most can probably be found fairly easily by a potential employer.  So make sure everything you do and write on-line is compatible with the image you want potential employers to see.

Using Social Media – Sites to Consider


Join LinkedIn if you have not already done so.  Have a look at the profiles of leaders in your professional field and the approach they have taken.  Fill out your profile with an eye to recording your achievements and making yourself an attractive job prospect. Find friends and former colleagues to connect with and join groups that represent you professional interest. You can join up to 50 groups and you can connect with other group members. Take part in group discussions to show your expertise. Update your status with useful links and information for others – become a resource. Do not head up your profile with “looking for work.” But use keywords related to the kind of work you are looking for in your profile. This will attract recruiters.


More and more people every day seem to be using Facebook for professional networking. Although personally I have some reservations about its suitability.  Do not mix social and professional networking on Facebook. Use the security features on Facebook with great care. And choose your Friends wisely. Remember your Friends can usually see information about your other Friends in your Profile. Be careful about amount and type of information that you share.  Make sure you post only what you want business contacts or prospective employers to see. And post content relevant to your job search or career. Again, you can demonstrate your expertise.  Facebook can showcase you in the round for a potential employer. That, properly managed, is positive.


Twitter is what is known as a microblogging service. You can, and people do, write messages to change the world in 140 characters. Twitter is open-ended and people. And companies use it in a variety of ways, including recruitment. But in 140 characters or less, it’s tough to apply for a job! However, you can tell colleagues and employers that you are looking. Find contacts and recruiters on Twitter. The begin to follow them to see new opportunities.  Follow companies and organizations that you would like to work for. And then find out what they are up to.  Post useful links and information as well as interactingwith others. Twitter is all about conversations, not broadcasting! You can find me on Twitter as @WWisewolf

Using social media can help you to create your professional brand and build your on-line presence strategically  to help with your job searching and career.

Wendy Smith is a career consultant, life coach and business coach with depth of experience in management, coaching and personal development. That experience means she is equally at home helping clients find a new career direction, starting-up new businesses or dealing with life’s more challenging personal issues. You can contact her at

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